About this place

So you’ve just finished binge-watching that excellent series and now there’s a void in your life…

Time to try something new, but what other shows are out there? How do you even find out what you may have missed?

Here be knowledge of quality TV shows that can stand up to a good binge. Some may be recent, while others may have slipped from collective awareness over time – often influential or classic shows that are well worth discovering for yourself.

So pick a category, valiant viewer – your quest awaits!

About Me

You’re curious? Ok, cool. I created this place because I’ve enjoyed binge-watching a lot of great TV shows – and I know it takes time to find, trial and eventually watch the best that’s out there. One day, it struck me: hey, share that information!

Every article on here is written by yours truly, based on shows I have binge-watched myself. I’m a fan of good TV series, on any channel, in any genre, as long as they deliver something worthy of my time… and now, make that OUR time.

Happy binge-watching!